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Mohnfeld mit Klatschmohn © Franz Hubmann



WestLicht was able to convince Franz Hubmann during his lifetime to make an edition of selected Waldviertel photographs. Those interested are being offered a unique opportunity to acquire one of Franz Hubmann’s works from a limited edition of 15 prints at a price much less than their current market value. Each of the twenty motifs, size 40 x 50 cm (approx. 16 x 20 inches), acid-free passepartout, 4c print was hand signed by Prof. Franz Hubmann.
Price: € 660,- incl. VAT
(10% discount for members of the Friends of the Gallery Association)

Franz Hubmann, the doyen of Austrian photo journalism documented people, landscapes and culture for decades. One of the constants in his oeuvre is his close interest in Waldviertel. With a keen eye and a great love of the region his photographs allow us insights into the archaic woodlands on the Austrian borders which have always enthralled him and which he has said are a “formative landscape of the soul”. Franz Hubmann has captured the unique beauty and the peaceful attraction of Waldviertel in atmospheric images. They communicate impressions of its raw character, influenced by the forest, stones and water, the loneliness of the woods, the flowering poppy fields and the decaying architecture.

An accompanying photo book was published. “Franz Hubmann. Waldviertel” is available in a numbered, signed, limited special edition of 500 for 49.- Euros. It is also available in the standard edition for 39.- Euros.

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BestNr. 86 Gehöft bei Florianikapelle im Eisenbergeramt
BestNr. 46 Mühle an der Thaya bei Japons
BestNr. 73 Am Stausee Ottenstein
BestNr. 9 Die vereiste Thaya
BestNr. 12 Bei Klein-Pertenschlag
BestNr. 28 An der Straße Zwettl-Merzenstein
BestNr. 173 Buchenwald bei Mottingeramt
BestNr. 101 Am Nebelstein
BestNr. 51 Alte Mühle von Friedensreich Hundertwasser bei Roiten
BestNr. 85 Bei Maissau
BestNr. 16 Kamplandschaft
BestNr. 147 Güterweg im mittleren Waldviertel
BestNr. 146 Bach bei Rappottenstein
BestNr. 129 Bei Großpertholz
BestNr. 120 Bei Merzenstein
BestNr. 27 Glockenblumen
BestNr. 92 Blühender Mohn
BestNr. 90 Ohne Titel
BestNr. 40 Lärchenallee von Heidenreichstein nach Eisgarn