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Peggy Sirota. Guess Who
Opening on 29.04.2002

For a charity event celebrities allowed their photographs to be taken by the American star photographer in amusing and often unexpected way. The puzzle as to the identity of the person depicted was one of the reasons for many of the photography friends to come to the vernisage and in addition to that there was at the attraction of cocktails from KunstCocktail.


Dr. Bernd Buchholz from Stern publishers and Christian Satek, Creative Director of Lowe GGK

Peter Coeln, WestLicht, talking to Christian Satek and Dr. Bernd Buchholz
Monika Kastberger
Prof. Carl Pruscha and Prof. Eva Schlegel

Nikolaus Schauerhuber and Elke Kögl

Gerhard Hinterleitner, Contrast

Christian Satek