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Lukas Maximilian Hüller
Times – La Habana. Bruxelles. Wien
Opening on 08.09.2003

Cuban atmosphere at the first opening after the summer vacation 2003. “Times,” the exhibition by the Austrian photographer Lukas M. Hüller, attracted a large number of the resident Cuban community to WestLicht. The thirst generated by post-summer heat was stilled by the barkeeper of the Cuban bar “Floridita.” Prof. Edelbert Köb, director of Vienna’s MUMOK, the Belgian artist Jano Alexandre Noskoff and Christian Stiglitz, head of ARA all spoke at the opening. The monumental show was officially opened by the Cuban ambassador José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez.


ARA-boss Christian Stiglitz, Isabella Kossina, Peter Coeln, Lukas M. Hüller and Agnes Reinthaler (f.l.)
Welcome by Agnes Reinthaler
Christian Stiglitz von der Altstoff Recycling Austria
Edelbert Köb, Director of the Mumok
Jano Alexandre Noskoff, Belgian Artist
The Cuban ambassador José Ramón Cabanas Rodríguez with his translator

Lukas M. Hüller with the Cuban ambassador
Monika Kastberger, Jonny Glanz and Elke Kögl
Christian Mayer, ARA, and Künstler Noskoff

Hiroshi and Mayumi Yano