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Max Wolf Photographing in Exile

Many notable photographic experts came to the press conference of this exhibition which was staged in cooperation with the Austrian National Library. The show, which presented works from the estate of Max Wolf, closed a gap in the history of Austrian photography, in particular amateur photography and, at the same time, it wrote a chapter of emigrant history. The curators, Prof. Erich Lessing and Dr. Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, chose interesting examples from over 2000 black and white prints. The show was open by Dr. Johanna Rachinger, the general director of the National Library.

Press conference on 07.03.2003
Press tour by Prof. Lessing

Prof. Lessing, Gen.Dir. Dr. Rachinger, Dr. Fischer-Westhauser, left to right

At the opening: guests being welcomed by Monika Kastberger

Official opening by Dr. Johanna Rachinger
Dr. Ulla Fischer-Westhauser talks about the show

Dr. Gerda Mraz (l.) & curator Ulla Fischer-Westhauser(r.)
Anna Auer, right

Franz Merlicek, right
Hannes Wahry, Leica Shop