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WestLicht Photographica Auction IV

The fourth WestLicht Photographica Auction ended with spectacular success. Over 90 per cent of the total of 829 lots were sold. One of the highlights among the lots was a black Nikon SP with a Nikkor-S 1,4/5cm lens which went for a hammer price of 15,500 Euros. A grey Leica IIIc (made in 1945) which had belonged to the photographer and director Leni Riefenstahl who died just before the auction, was sold for 8,500 Euros (ex. surcharges). Numerous bidders from Thailand, Japan, Canada, the USA and various parts of Europe took part in the camera auction).

Welcome by Peter Coeln
Auctioneer James Cornwall welcoming his assistant Niki Schauerhuber

The transcript writers

Mayumi Kobayashi