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World Press Photo 2003
Opening on 15.10.2003

Panel discussion “The End of Photo-journalism?” 30.10.2003

Femke Rotteveel from the WPP Foundation in Amsterdam and the Dutch ambassador Jaap Ramaker opened the World Press Photo-Ausstellung 2004. A few days later the Magnum photographer Erich Lessing was the moderator of a panel discussion “The End of Photo-journalism?” Above all the documentation of analogue and digital photography was the subject of heated discussion.


Welcoming address by Monika Obermeier, right Femke Rotteveel from the WPP Foundation
The Dutch ambassador Jaap Ramaker

Discussion evening “The End of Photo-journalism?”
Lois Lammerhuber, Thomas Seifert, Uwe Schögl, Erich Lessing, Gerhard Hinterleitner, Matthias Cremer (f.l.)