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100 Years of Tokyo
Opening on 19.04.2004

There was great interest at the opening of “100 Years of Tokyo,” in the exhibited photography as well as in the Japanese buffet. Hiroshi Yano represented Mayumi Moriyama, the president of the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII), for the evening. The JCII had put the exhibition together for its 10th anniversary. After the Japanese ambassador to Vienna, Mr. Hiroshi Hashimoto, opened the exhibition with a few witty words, the pianist Rei Nakamura played pieces by John Cage, Toru Takemitsu and Claude Debussy.

Hiroshi Yano from JCII (left) with Hiro Matsuoka
The Japanese ambassador Hiroshi Hashimoto with Shinsuke Toda and Peter Coeln (f.l.)
Introduction by Agnes Reinthaler
Hiroshi Yano ...
... and Hiro Matsuoka

Ambassador Hiroshi Hashimoto
Pianist Rei Nakamura prepares her instrument...
...for a piece by John Cage.

Crowd at the Japanese buffet