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Elliott Erwitt
Magic Hands and a Retrospective 1953-2001

Opening on 14.06.2004

A large number of guests at the opening of the American photographer Elliot Erwitt’s show were amused by his humorous and subtle black and white photographs. The string quartet Opus 4 played music for each stage in the life of the Leica photographer including Tchaikovsky, Puccini and Scott Joplin. Agnes Reinthaler from WestLicht recounted anecdotes about Elliot Erwitt’s way of working and Tina Wiesner talked about the Leica Camera AG cultural project.

Tina Wiesner, Leica Camera AG
Opus 4

Karin Humer playing the violin
Raimund Seidl
Bettina Horvath
Johann Ratschan

Christine de Grancy

Anna Auer, Monika Obermeier and Ida