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Lisl Steiner’s `Homage to all Chimneysweeps`


The photographer Lisl Steiner celebrated her 77th birthday in WestLicht. In order to bring luck to all her guests the artist invited a number of chimneysweeps to the gallery. During this “Homage to all Chimneysweeps”, Lisl Steiner handed over her entire photographic archive to the Austrian National Library as a gift. As the climax of the official part of the evening, the pianist Paul Gulda played one of his own compositions as a surprise for Lisl Steiner’s birthday.


Photo Historian Anna Auer

General director of the ÖNB, Dr. Johanna Rachinger
Peter Coeln congratulates

Lisl Steiner and Paul Gulda

Uwe Schögl, Anna Auer and Christian Schad
A Dab of soot brings luck