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Opening Lucca Chmel

For the “Month of Photography,” WestLicht opened a show of Austrian architectural photography. The exhibition “Lucca Chmel. Architectural Photography 1945 – 1970” was conceived of as a joint project with the Austrian National Library (ÖNB). The two curators, Uwe Schögl, deputy director and Gabriele Hofer, free-lancer at the ÖNB, explain their work with the estate of photographer Lucca Chmel to the public at the opening. Chmel died in 1999. After a speech by the ÖNB general director, Johanna Rachinger, the exhibition was officially opened.

Left: Thomas Freiler, Editor Dietmar Klinger and Gerald Piffl (v.l.)


Welcome by Monika Obermeier

Gabi Hofer, Uwe Schögl, Gen.Dir. Johanna Rachinger and Frau Schicketanz, Lucca Chmels Daughter (v.r.)
Uwe Schögl
Peter Coeln, Fotograf Prof. Franz Hubmann and Architect Prof. Friedrich Florian Grünberger with his wife (v.r.)
Gabi Hofer
Gen.Dir. Johanna Rachinger, Hans Petschar (Dir. ÖNB-Bildarchiv) and Felix Leutner (Fotolabor Leutner)
The two curators
Uwe Schögl and Axel Hubmann (v.l.)
Niki Brandstätter, Imagno, with Prof. Franz Hubmann