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Opening "Personalities"

The results of a Vitra advertising campaign which took place over a number of years can be seen in WestLicht since mid-January. The Swiss photographer Christian Coigny travelled round the world for over ten years in order to take photos of celebrities on Vitra chairs – often he was only given a few minutes to do so. Hanns-Peter Cohn, CEO of Vitra AG since the beginning of 2005 (and former head of Leica Cameras) opened the Coigny exhibition with a passionate speech. Also present were Fritz Hrusa head of the Vitra branch office in Vienna, WestLicht architect Gregor Eichinger, Mrs. Cohn, Axel Hubmann with his wife and many other “celebrities.”

Picture left: Vitra “Algen” as a room divider
Photos: Christine Wurnig

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