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14th WestLicht Photographica Auction
November, 30th 2008

The 14th WestLicht Photographica Auction on November 30th, 2008 ended successfully
The most spectacular lots of the auction, were two extraordinary and important detective-cameras: the \'Scovill & Adams\' book-camera which was sold for 48.600 Euros and the Albert Darier \'Escopette’ which was sold for 51.000 Euros.

The auction highlights amongst the Leica lots were a Leicaflex Prototype for 22.800 Euros, a black painted IIIg with 3 crowns for the Swedish Military (15.600 Euros), the MP Chrom no MP-171 (19.800 Euros) and the Leica I Mod.A Elmax no. 727 (13.200 Euros). Generally speaking the prices for Leicas and accessories were very solid - 98% of the Leitz articles were sold and very often estimates were considerably exceeded.

This time hand-selected Japanese cameras were also at a premium with many achieving record prices. Amongst others, an almost mint Nicca Snider 35 sold for 8.400 Euros, a very rare first type Nikon S2 black paint for 13.200 Euros and the legendary Reflex-Nikkor 6.3/100cm found a new owner for 19.200 Euros.

In the Zeiss category the the beautiful and extremely rare Contax Jena with ivory finish went for 11.400 Euros and the Contaflex TLR outfit for 13.200 Euros.

The next WestLicht Photographica Auction will take place in May 2009. All prices quotes include auction charges.

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