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Book Launch of Gourmet Guide A la Carte

On the 18th of October, A la Carte presented the 20th issue of their gourmet guide at WestLicht. While in the first issue of the guide, which was published in 1991, 500 restaurants were listed, this year's 20th issue has 848 restaurant listings to offer.
Is there a better proof for the success of the Austrian hospitality industry?
Gourmet Guides used to be a privilege of the rich, today their function has changed. They are info media for people who care for good food. Let's celebrate that!

Fotos: Marco/WestLicht

Imperial Catering
Alexander Fankhauser and Reinhard Gerer
Marienhof Catering

Die Herausgeber Hans Schmied and Christian Grünwald
Nikki Schrefl and Heinz Hanner
Rudlof Obauer, Birgit Reitbauer and Walter Eselböck
Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer

Ehepaar Graski-Hoffmann and Werner Redolfi

Stadtrat Michael Ludwig, Gabriele Ambros

Sohyi Kim and Willi Balanjuk
Andi & Alex
Ehepaar Gegenbauer, Rudolf Obauer, Sigfried Kröpfl

Hans Schmid und Peter Coeln