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Opening "Herbert List. Retrospektive"

On monday, the 8th of february, WestLicht opened it's doors for the preview of the exhibition of Herbert List's main body of work. At the beginning of the opening, Dr. Ulrich Pohlmann, the director of the Museum of Photography in Münchner Stadtmuseum, held an informative lecture on the photographer's life and work. The expert outlined the artistic career of List, as well as his personality. Afterwards the exhibition in five parts, was viewed over a good glass of wine.

Dr.Ulrich Pohlmann
Fotos©Gerhard Krejci


Dr.Ulrich Pohlman, Director of Fotomuseum Munich talks about List
Peter Coeln (WestLicht) with Manfred Bockelmann (Udo Jürgens´ Bruder), Akio Tanaka (Botschafter von Japan) and company
Marta Widowitz and Rebekka Reuter (WestLicht)
Herr Allmayer-Beck, Frau Auer and Peter Coeln (WestLicht)
Kitty Kino
Herbert List inspires