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The opening of the exhbition "PHOTO SIMONIS" was a huge success. Former chancellor Dr. Franz Vranitzky held a speech for the opening ceremony and well known figures from areas as diverse as economy, politics and culture whose portraits were exhbited, attended the preview.


Prof. Lorenzi (Musician at the Opera)
Dr. Johanna Rachinger (Director at the Austrian National Library)
Mag. Uwe Schögl (Curator)
Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Leica) photographs Dr. Franz Vranitzky
Peter Coeln (WestLicht), Dr. Franz Vranitzky and Mag. Uwe Schögl
Christof Stein (Lichterloh Kunsthandel)
Erika Conrads
Studiokamera of Photo Simonis

Dr. Brandstätter (Verlag Brandstätter), Nikolaus Brandstätter and Peter Coeln with the book "Photo Simonis"