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20th WestLicht Photographica Auction

There were many highlights amongst the all in all 650 lots on offer at the 20th WestLicht Photographica Auction.

98% of the camera lots and 83% of the photo lots were were sold, generating a complete revenue of more than 3 million Euro.

The high prices for Leica rarities illustrate the enormous demand for Leica products on the international market.

Photographs are also gaining popularity with collectors. "It was the best result we ever had for the 'young' photographers. This shows us that our efforts to present contemporary works in our auctions have come to fruition", WestLicht CEO Peter Coeln states.

Image on the left: Jonny Glanz, Nikolaus Schauerhuber (Auctioneer) and Co-Auctioneer
Images: Marco Pauer/ WestLicht


Peter Coeln