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Private view of the exhibition Faces of Ethiopia

Images from the opening of our exhibition Faces of Ethiopia.
In cooperation with top photographers Inge Prader, Peter Rigaud, Mattias Ziegler as well as Riccardo Herrgott, aid organisation Menschen für Menschen (People for People), Uschi Fellner (editor of Madonna magazine) and echo medienhaus (publishers) are presenting an exhibition and the publication of a touching photo book, to direct the world's attention to Ethiopia again.
All proceeds from the project will be donated to Karl Heinz Böhm and his wife Almaz for their unrelenting efforts for Africa. The exhibition will be hosted by WestLicht from the 14th of October.

Above left: Peter Coeln (WestLicht) & Sara Nuru (Germany's Next Topmodel)

Images 1-6: Sandro Zanzinger
Images 7-12: Marco Pauer

Inge Prader & Alfons Haider

Riccardo Herrgott with father
Inge Prader & Christian Pöttler (echo media)
Sara Nuru (Germany's Next Topmodel)

Vera Russwurm (ORF), Adi Weiss (Publisher of"Style Up Your Life"), Carmen Kreuzer (Topmodel)
Alfons Haider & Peter Coeln

Uschi Fellner (Publisher of "Madonna"), Aida Böhm (daughter of Karlheinz Böhm), Peter Coeln, Inge Prader