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Carole Naggar: "Lives of Chim"

A lecture by poet, artist and photo-historian Carole Naggar - offered interesting insights into the life and work of Polish-American photographer David Seymour (Chim), one of the founders of the photo agency Magnum.

The event was organised in the framework of the WestLicht Auction Preview and media activism, a project of the Institute for Theatre-, Film and Media Studies of the University of Vienna.

Image (left): Carole Naggar
Credits: Michael Kollmann


Rebekka Reuter (WestLicht/OstLicht)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klemens Gruber (Institute for Theatre-, Film and Media Studies)
Carole Naggar

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klemens Gruber, Verena Kaspar-Eisert (WestLicht/OstLicht), Carole Naggar, Rebekka Reuter (WestLicht/OstLicht), Fred Ritchin