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Opening Platon - Faces of Power

The opening of the exhibition Platon - Faces of Power attracted many visitors.
Rightly so, as the show features 50 of the most striking images from photographer Platon's portrait series POWER. In September 2009, he photographed approximately 100 heads of state during the UN general assembly in New York.
The exhibition was opened by one of the portrayed, Austrian president Dr. Heinz Fischer and photographer Platon.

Credits: Michael Kollmann & Dominik Trat

Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz Fischer
Platon in conversation with Dr. Heinz Fischer

Margit Fischer & Dr. Heinz Fischer
Peter Coeln (WestLicht)

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Leica Camera AG)

Platon presented Dr. Fischer the portrait he took of him.

Mona Coeln (WestLicht)
Peter Coeln (WestLicht), Christian Satek, Rebecca Antoniou