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"Luxus" Leica with reptile leather and two camera lenses from 1931; from left to the right: Jonny Glanz (WestLicht), Niki Schauerhuber (Auctioneer) and Co-Auctioneer

23rd WestLicht Camera Auction and 8th Photography Auction

24th and 25th of May 2013

The trend of past WestLicht auctions was imposingly confirmed.

An especially rare item fetched impressive 528.000 Euro: a gilded “Luxus” Leica with reptile leather and two camera lenses from 1931 (opening bid: 150.000 Euro) making it the most expensive object of the 23rd Camera Auction.

A Leica of particularly historical value – the camera of Alfred Eisenstaedt – achieved an impressive 114.000 Euro (opening bid: 12.000 Euro). It was the camera Eisenstaedt used to shoot the famous picture of a kissing couple on Times Square on August 14, 1945. At the photography auction on the previous day, a signed print was sold for 24.000 Euro.

The 8th WestLicht Photography Auction also garners excellent results! With 66.000 Euro, the top lot – Irving Penn’s “Woman in Chicken Hat“ – also recorded the highest bid at the auction (opening bid: 25.000 Euro). The rare vintage print comes from the estate of Austrian photographer Roland Pleterski.

Credits: Marco Pauer (WestLicht)


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