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Sportive Opening of Philipp Schuster. A Skateboarder's Romance

On Tuesday evening WestLicht visitors at the opening of "Philipp Schuster. A Skateboarder's Romance" had the chance to get to know a different side of one of the world's leading skateboarders. For some years now it has been Schuster's ambition to capture the lifestyle and philosophy of his sport on camera.The centrepiece of the exhibition is formed by a series, which in excellent photographs deals with a very particular project: It documents the construction of a skate-bowl in the basement of an old Viennese apartment building by a group of skaters, among them Schuster. Some of Schuster's colleagues from other sports, ski-jumping champion Gregor Schlierenzauer and Manuel Ortlechner, captain of Austria Wien, even came before the opening to see the exhibition. At the opening, beach volleyball player Nik Berger, rowers Bernhard and Paul Sieber and snowboarder Julia Dujmovits were amazed by Schuster's skateboarding and photography skills. A skate-bowl especially built for the exhibition by Philipp Schuster and his friends was tested for the first time during the evening.

Photo credits: Csaba Gyönös (WestLicht)

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