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WestLicht Camera Auction, 22.11.2014

MP-24 from 1957, Starting price: 80.000 Euro; Final result: 240.000 Euro

WestLicht Auctions team

Shanghai Red Flag 20 Outfit, Starting price: 25.000 Euro; Final result: 84.000 Euro
Zunowflex camera in black varnish, Starting price: 10.000 Euro; Final result: 43.200 Euro
Palmer & Longking Camera, Starting price: 5.000 Euro; Final result: 20.400 Euro

26th WestLicht Camera Auction

Top prices for vintage cameras!

The 26th WestLicht Camera Auction closed on Saturday with outstanding results throughout, with the better part of the lots multiplying their starting prices. Not only traditionally sought-after lots from manufacturer Leitz/Leica performed excellently, also lenses, historic cameras and rarities experienced high increases.

The Auction’s sales rate was at a prime 85.5 per cent, with a total revenue of close to 2.5 million Euros.
As the Auction’s top lot emerged its rarest camera: An MP-24 from 1957 with a starting bid of 80,000 Euros closed at 240,000 Euros. The last Leica M ‘Edition 100’ from the special series marking 100 years of Leica changed ownership for 84,000 Euros (starting price: 25,000 Euros).
Among the Leica copies the famous 'Red Flag 20' stood out. This rare Chinese Leica M4/M5 copy (starting price: 26,000 Euros) was worth 60,000 Euros to a collector.
In the spy camera section, an exciting bidding war for a Ross No. 5 Mark IV Binocular Spy Camera unfolded. From a starting price of 7,000 Euro it finished at a final result of 26,400 Euros. The Zunowflex camera in black varnish from 1960, on offer at an auction for the first time, was sold for 43,200 Euros (starting price: 10,000 Euros). Among the historic lots the Palmer & Longking Camera, a Daguerreotype camera with tripod, climbed to a remarkable 20,400 Euros (starting price: 5,000 Euros).
All listed prices are hammer prices including premium.

Photo credits: Christine Miess (WestLicht)