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Fabian Knierim (WestLicht)
Marie Röbl (WestLicht)
Günter Macho

Marie Röbl (WestLicht)

Marie Röbl (WestLicht)

Michael Kollmann (WestLicht/OstLicht)

Lecture Marie Röbl "Travelling in Pictorial Space. Stereophotographs from the WestLicht Collection"
19 February 2014

Marie Röbl, head of WestLicht Collection, and stereo photographer Günter Macho, took about 70 intrigued visitors on a three-dimensional journey to America, Japan, India, the Arctic and back to Europe!
The lecture presented stereographs and stereo viewers from the WestLicht Photography- and Camera-Collection from the period of 1855 to 1900.
The Stereoscope, developed in the 1830s as a scientific instrument, became known to a general audience in mid 19th century. With photographic images and handy viewers, this early 3-D technique became a popular mass medium, predominantly focussed on travel photography. Together with lithography and letterpress, the stereograph was one of the most significant media for a pictorial appropriation of the world in the private space and in this regard is a forerunner to illustrated magazines such as National Geographic.

Photo credits: Peter Jakadofsky (WestLicht)