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Fabian Knierim (WestLicht/OstLicht)
Carla Kogelman, Alena
Carla Kogelman

Carla Kogelman

Lecture World Press Winner Carla Kogelman

In her award winning series „Ich bin Waldviertel“ Carla Kogelman observes the everyday life of sisters Hannah (7) and Alena (9), who with their family live in the Austrian village of Merkenbrechts. The siblings seem to completely forget the presence of the photographer, Kogelman’s portraits offer a precious glimpse into a children’s world.

Carla Kogelman (b. 1961, Netherlands) has worked in theatre for 25 years, before focussing on photography. In 2011 she graduated at the Foto Academie Amsterdam. She has always been interested more in the stories backstage, than those performed on stage and often stays for a longer time with the people she portrays.

Photo credits: Christine Miess (WestLicht)