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Fabian Knierim (WestLicht/OstLicht), Rebekka Reuter (WestLicht/OstLicht), Verena Kaspar-Eisert (WestLicht/Ostlicht), Lola Garrido, Peter Coeln (WestLicht/OstLicht)

Opening Garry Winogrand. Women are Beautiful

Hundrets of visitors came to the opening of the exhibition "Garry Winogrand. Women are Beautiful" and to the WestBar opening in the patio of the photo museum WestLicht.
Accompanied by delicious cocktails, light summer wines and freshly prepared chinese food the oevre of the wonderful photographer Winogrand was presented.

Garry Winogrand. Women are Beautiful with the courtesy of Lola Garrido Collection.


Photo credits: Christine Miess (WestLicht)

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