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Peter Coeln (OstLicht/WestLicht)

Opening SchauLust. The Erotic Photography of Alfons Walde

"It is tremendously exciting to be able to redefine an artist - and to discover the photographs of Alfons Walde", said Peter Coeln on Thursday evening at WestLicht, Museum for Photography. What triggered his excitement was the opening of the exhibition "SchauLust. The Erotic Photography of Alfons Walde", which until 8 February presents a spectacular find: Numerous previously unknown photographs by Alfons Walde, most of them nudes. In the exhibition they are combined with a selection of his paintings and drawings, some of which he painted after his photographs. Michael Walde-Berger, grandson of Alfons Walde, recovered the photographic treasures a few years back from his grandfather's estate and WestLicht-owner Peter Coeln was immediately hooked to do the exhibition project.

Photo credits: Christine Miess (WestLicht)

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