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Opening of the exhibition "Zero Gravity. The History of Space Photography"

“ZERO GRAVITY” – this is exactly how the visitors felt at the exhibition opening of “THE HISTORY OF SPACE PHOTOGRAPHY” on Wednesday evening, 09.04.2014, at WestLicht, museum for photography. Curator Jay Belloli, California International Arts Foundation, came all the way from Los Angeles to inaugurate the show presented in Europe for the first time. In a fascinating introduction Belloli illustrated the various possibilities of the genesis of these stunning photographs. Another highlight of the evening was an installation by the Viennese based artist Markus Krottendorfer as well as the display of the recently auctioned Hasselblad Lunar Module Pilot Camera – the camera, which was used by Jim Irwin when the American spacecraft “Apollo 15” landed on the moon. It is one of the few cameras which returned from a lunar landing and the only one ever sold. Furthermore various photographs of the WestLicht collection showing the “Apollo 11” mission were on display.
Surrounded by “space-history” and given a refreshing glass of wine the visitors enjoyed the relaxed and “free floating” atmosphere of the evening.

Photo credits: Christine Miess (WestLicht)

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