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Peter Coeln (WestLicht/OstLicht/Leica Shop)
Robert Treichler, Petra Ramsauer, Jürgen Grimm, Michael Leckel, Julia Herrnboeck
Matthias Cremer (der Standard)


Panel discussion "All truth! All lies! Staging in press photography"

Images convey emotions – which is precisely why they tend to be used as propaganda in conflicts. But what exactly is staging and where does it begin: Is it the invention of an event merely for the camera? Does digital retouching count as staging? Or does it already start with the selection of the subject? And how can you tell apart staged images from authentic documents, if the photographs come from inaccessible regions of conflict and were shot by amateur photographers armed with mobile phone cameras?
An impressive number of 200 visitors, who came to see the panel at WestLicht, proofed these questions to be pressing issues. The audience, crowded amongst the photographs of the World Press Photo exhibition, followed the talk closely and with numerous contributions engaged in the discussion.


Jürgen Grimm, Professor for Communication Studies, University of Vienna
Michael Leckel, Photographer, former senior picture editor at Reuters Germany
Petra Ramsauer, Reporter for international newspapers such as NZZ, Zeit, News, Haaretz
Robert Treichler, Senior editor of World Politics at Profil

The panel was chaired by
Julia Herrnböck, editor at DER STANDARD


Photo credits: Peter Jakadofsky (WestLicht/OstLicht)