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Fabian Knierim (WestLicht), Auctioneer Niki Schauerhuber and Co-Auctioneer

22.03. & 21.03.2014

25th Camera Auction: Moon Hasselblad goes to Japan for 660,000 Euros
After an extremely close bidding war, Mr Fujisawa, founder of Japanese retail chain Yodobashi Camera, managed to secure for himself the Hasselblad LUNAR MODULE PILOT CAMERA Jim Irwin – Apollo 15 for 660,000 Euros. The top lot of the 25th WestLicht Camera Auction had a starting price of 80,000 Euros and proves the ongoing fascination with the moon landing.

A sensational sales rate of 100 percent for the 270 lots from manufacturer Leitz/Leica once again demonstrates the continuous high demand for cameras of this brand, which in 2014 celebrates its centennial.

As the Leica top lot emerged a set of four M6 Prototypes and Design Models, sold for 192,000 Euros, which shows the evolution of the M6 from a wooden design model to a working prototype (starting price 40,000 Euros). An “Ur”-Rolleiflex Prototype with a starting bid of 18,000 Euros fetched 78,000 Euros, two Lorenz Berlin Night Cameras sold to a collector for 114,000 Euros (starting price 18,000 Euros).

10th Photo Auction achieves best result in the history of WestLicht
Two are better than one! The saying once again was verified in the 10th WestLicht Photo Auction by Wanda Wulz’s photograph “Io + Gatto”. From a self-portrait and a photograph of her cat, Wulz in 1932 created one of the most well-known double exposures in the history of photography. With a starting bid of 50,000 Euros the rare print from the early 1950s – only three other prints are known worldwide – realised a spectacular 102,000 Euros.

Right from the start that price indicated where the auction was heading: With a total revenue of over 900,000 Euros and 75 percent of all lots sold, the 10th Auction was the most successful Photo Auction in the history of WestLicht to date.

Horst P. Horst’s “Mainbocher Corset”, the world famous back view of a model in a corset, published in American Vogue in 1939, fetched 31,200 Euros (starting price 12,000 Euros).

The fascination with Hollywood-icon James Dean remains equally unbroken. In Dennis Stock’s legendary portrait from 1955, which achieved 12,000 Euros (starting price 1,800 Euros), he poses beside one of the pigs on his uncle’s farm in Fairmount, just before his tragic death.

The first issue of Man Ray’s first photobook “Photographs by Man Ray 1920 – 1934” was worth 21,600 Euros to a collector, which was even more than three times the starting price of 7,000 Euros.

All listed prices are hammer prices including premiums.

Photo credits: Peter Jakadofsky (WestLicht), Sandro Zanzinger

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