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Peter Coeln (WestLicht/OstLicht)

New York Leica Gun RIFLE Prototype
Leica MP black paint
Leica ME Kinderlachen
Peter Coeln (WestLicht)
Markus Limberger, COO Leica Camera AG

27th WestLicht Camera Auction
13 June 2015

WestLicht Auctions starts 2015 with four Leica cameras over 100,000 Euros!

With 288,000 Euros (starting price 150,000 Euros) the rare New York Leica Gun RIFLE Prototype achieved the highest price of the 27th WestLicht Camera Auction. The overall sales rate was at 84%, with a total revenue of 3,010,000 Euros.
A Leica MP black paint with a starting price of 140,000 Euros was worth 264,000 Euros to a collector and finished second.
To 192,000 Euros including premium climbed a Leica M3 Prototype from 1953 (starting price 80,000 Euros).
With 180,000 Euros the fourth camera, a Leica M6 Electronic Prototype, which started at 90,000 Euros, finished way above the threshold of 100,000 Euros.
The most expensive lens was also the fastest telephoto lens ever built by Leica for the US Navy: the Elcan 1:0/90mm. Having started at 38,000 Euros it was sold in the end for 84,000 Euros.
Tremendous joy for non-profit organization “Kinderlachen”: A Leica M and a Leica ME, in a cheerful design done by children, both fetched 28,800 Euros – the proceeds will go to charitable projects of the organization.

All listed prices are hammer prices including premium.

Photo credits: Sebastian Toth (Leica Shop)