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Peter Coeln, WestLicht Owner
Mads Nissen, Winner World Press Photo of the Year
Mads Nissen, Winner World Press Photo of the Year
Anaïs Conijn, World Press Foundation Amsterdam

from the left: Judith Reisinger (WestLicht), Mads Nissen, Anaïs Conijn, Peter Coeln (WestLicht), Rebekka Reuter (WestLicht), Fabian Knierim (WestLicht)

Opening World Press Photo 15

Global events captured in price winning photographs: Danish photographer
Mads Nissen, winner of the World Press Photo of the Year award, together
with WestLicht owner Peter Coeln on Thursday evening opened the annual
World Press Photo exhibition at WestLicht Museum.
“For the first time, the winning picture is one hundred per cent a
statement for tolerance. It is powerful in a subtle way, not by displaying
violence and war”, said Peter Coeln and thanked Anaïs Conijn,
representative of the World Press Photo Foundation, for this bold and
important decision of the jury.
The picture shows Jon and Alex, a gay couple, during an intimate moment in
St. Petersburg and is part of a series on homophobia in Russia. Nissen
shared his experiences from working on the project and talked about the
social discrimination and the violence homosexuals are faced with in
Russia. His photographs, Nissen said, are a means to fight these
atrocities by showing what matters and what connects us: The love among
the people. In her opening speech, Anaïs Conijn quoted Nissen: “Challenge
hate with something so simple as love. It is both the utmost and the very
least we can do”.

Find here the pictures on flickr!

Fotos: Christine Miess/WestLicht