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v.l.: Elias Bierdel, Regine Hendrich, Sahel Zarinfard, Fritz Hausjell, Irene Brickner

Fabian Knierim, Curator WestLicht
Elias Bierdel, Journalist, borderline-europe – Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V.
Regine Hendrich, Photographer, DER STANDARD
Sahel Zarinfard, Journalist, Dossier
Fritz Hausjell, Scientist, Institute for Media and Communication Studies, University of Vienna
Irene Brickner, DER STANDARD

Panel discussion “Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Events in the Blind Spot of Photojournalism“

For a significant time, the train of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East didn’t acquire much attention from the media or was even mostly ignored. However, since late summer 2015 stories and images of the emigrants started to dominate the mass media reports. The photograph which indisputably caused the most agitation in recent weeks was the picture of 3 year old boy Aylan Kurdi who drowned near Kos island. The photo raises general questions about image policy and the mechanisms of the attention economy and encourages debate on ethics in press photography. WestLicht and DER STANDARD hosted a panel discussion on 29 September and inspired more than 180 visitors to join the event.

Elias Bierdel, journalist, borderline-europe – Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V.
Fritz Hausjell, media scientist, Department of Communication, University of Vienna
Regine Hendrich, photographer, DER STANDARD
Sahel Zarinfard, journalist, Dossier
The panel was chaired by
Irene Brickner, editor of DER STANDARD

Fotos: Peter Jakadofsky/WestLicht