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Fabian Knierim, Curator WestLicht
v.l. Mag. Günter Schönberger, Bildrecht, RA Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfred J. Noll

Prof. Axel Hubmann

Panel discussion Hard Drive Fee – Freedom of Panorama – Visions for the Future: Whereto photography?

No matter if you are a press photographer, a professional or an amateur: photography is everywhere, but is often strained by laws, regulations and practical constraints.

Panel discussion with:
RA Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfred J. Noll
Mag. Günter Schönberger, Bildrecht
Gerhard Sokol, Syndikat Foto Film

hosted by Prof. Axel Hubmann, Syndikat Foto Film

Fotos: Csaba Gyönös/WestLicht