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Nathanael Lynn (Attaché of Culture, US Embassy) Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, Peter Coeln
Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, Rebekka Reuter, Trevor D. Traina (Ambassador of the United States), Peter Coeln, Nathanael Lynn
Christian Skalnik
Trevor D. Traina (Ambassador of the United States)

Rebekka Reuter

Trevor D. Traina, Peter Coeln
Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, Dr. Frank Holzer, Daniela Jelitzka, Gerald A. Matt
Helene von Damm, Dr. Josef Ostermayer
Trevor D. Traina
Dr. Frank Holzer
Gerald A. Matt, Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, Trevor D. Traina, Dr. Josef Ostermayer, Peter Coeln, Rebekka Reuter
Mona Coeln, Marianne Kohn
Toni Mörwald

Burhan Ozbilici (World Press Photo awardee 2017)
Rebekka Reuter, Elke Kögl


Several hundred visitors crowded into the exhibition space to view the works by three generations of US-American female photographers: Lisette Model, Diane Arbus und Nan Goldin, who, each in her own way, expanded our perspective on society. Among the guests was of course Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, one of the initiators of the project and a main lender to the exhibition curated by Gerald A. Matt and Rebekka Reuter, as was Avi Keitelman, whose Galery provided a large section of the prints by Lisette Model. Trevor D. Traina, the Ambassador of the United States in Austria and himself a photo collector with impressive holdings, opened the exhibition.

Photos: Leonardo Ramirez