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Christine de Grancy

On location

11.06.2002 - 04.08.2002


The Austrian is already recognized as one of the most significant women photographers in history. Cause on her many travels de Grancy has been documenting places and people with her Leica, that confront our color-saturated eyes with worlds of a different kind. On the occasion of her 60th birthday WestLight will honor her with a comprehensive exhibition curated by Regina M. Anzenberger and Franz Hubmann. The exhibition takes into account her life's work with an emphasis on Pakistan and the islamic culture.




Stableman in Matsuj, 1989
Bazaar in Peshawar, 1989
Eastern European meeting of the Romas in Brno, 1990
Sahraoui woman in Algeria, 1986
Polo training at the Shandur Pass, 1989
At the Prater Amusement Park in Vienna, 1979
Christine de Grancy, 2000. Photo: Tony Scholz