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Peggy Sirota


30.04.2002 - 02.06.2002


Peggy Sirota was originally known as a photographic chronicler of the glamorous world of international stars and high society.
In her portrait series "GUESS WHO" - which was produced in cooperation with Stern magazine - she took an entirely new approach by subjecting celebrities like Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Mia Farrow and Harrison Ford to her penchant for mysterious stagings that leave viewers wondering about the true identities of the persons featured in the portraits.
Peggy Sirota dedicated this exhibition in support of the "Aids Project Los Angeles".



LMWELI FDOAE [Willem Dafoe]
FEJF GESDBIR [Jeff Bridges]
TGSNI [Sting]
EJATN KSCNAOJ [Janet Jackson]
YONATHN PIKHONS [Anthony Hopkins]
CIRE RESTBOR [Eric Roberts]
DIEJO TESROF [Jodie Foster]
Peggy Sirota