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Mary Ellen Mark


30.08.2002 - 06.10.2002


Mary Ellen Mark’s works follow the American tradition of social documentary photography. Her powerfully expressive portraits and photo reports document life in the United States in an impressive way. They do not beautify anything but are still full of sympathy and humanity. The winner of many prizes has published many books and works almost exclusively in black and white. 60 photographs made between 1965 and 1991 can be seen.



Mary Ellen Mark, self-portrait
Shanti Nagar, Leper colony in Mother Theresia’s order “Missionaries of Charity,” India, 1981
Jesse with his dog Runtley, Los Angeles, California, 1987
“Rat” and Mike with pistol, Seattle, Washingtom, 1983
Nestor, Mission, Texas, 1990
Tiny in Halloweendress, Seattle,Washington, 1983
Special school for blind children, Kiev, Ukraine, 1987