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Border.Spaces -
Last Journey

02.12.2003 - 01.02.2004


A Leica Gallery exhibition about the last journey of the world-renowned photographer in the Slovenian/Styrian borderland, the homeland of her forefathers. Inge Moraths pictures show divided families, contemporary witnesses, celebrations and her love of this district. The exhibition pertains, furthermore, to the documentary of this journey through the eyes of two Slovenian photographers and the film maker, Regina Strassegger.

Inge Morath
Inge Morath at Carnival in Ptuj/Slovenia (Photo: Stojan Kerbler)
Marija Peèolar, Mother-in-law of the Lady of Castle Gradisce/Slovenia
Old Woman with Mask at Carnival
Dance at Castle Gradisce/Slovenia
Visitors at Farm Doppelhof
Boy with Mushroom