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TIMES - La Habana. Bruxelles. Wien

Lukas Maximilian Hüller

09.09.2003 - 12.10.2003


The panorama photographs shown are by Lukas Maximilian Hüller and were made in Cuba, Belgium and Austria. The motifs, in long rolls, (repeatedly) reach out to all points of the compass or form a vertical which reaches from heaven to the earth and back again. Some of the works experience a leap into the third dimension by means of a specially developed installation. Hüller works with a rotating camera which allows one or more 360º turns taking from two seconds to a number of hours to complete.


Venceremos?, panoramica irregular, ca. 70x450 cm, Installation at wall, Cuba, 2003
Heldenplatz 190200, 1200x50 cm, Vienna, 2000