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100 Years of Tokyo

20.04.2004 - 06.06.2004


In spring 2004 WestLicht is showing photographic documents from recent Japanese history. They are part of the Photo-Salon Collection which the JCII (Japan Camera and Optical Instruments Inspection and Testing Institute) brought together for its tenth anniversary under the title “100 Years of Tokyo.” The exhibited works, from around forty well-known Japanese photographers, reflect the development of the Japanese capital in the last hundred years.

Unknown. Japanese Garden, 1890. Original print, 20,0x26,4 cm
Jun Watanabe. Winter, 1926. Vintage Print, 17,4x17,8 cm
J Kineo Kuwabara. Cinema advertising Western film programme, Asakusa Park, 1937. Modern Print, 40,3x26,7 cm
Keizaburo Saeki. A Lottery Stand, 1941. Modern Print, 40,6x26,7 cm
Rikko Nakamura. Baths in oil cask, Togoshi, Shinagawa–ku, 1946. Modern Print, 33,0x32,6 cm
Takeyoshi Tanuma. Excursion in a home-made car, 1962. Modern Print, 41,0x27,9 cm
Yoshitaka Nakatani. Special woman’s car for morning rush-hour traffic, Shinjuku Station, 1962. Modern Print, 27,0x40,5 cm
Haruo Tomiyama. A packed tram stop, 1964. Modern Print, 25,5x37,5 cm
Yasunobu Takagi. The politician Kinji Moriyama (1917-1987), 1979. Modern Print, 42,3x28,4 cm
Yoshitaka Nakatani. Girl in costume near the Jingubashi Bridge, Harajuku, 1998. Modern Print, 40,5x26,9 cm