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02.09.2004 - 26.09.2004


WestLicht hosts the “World Press Photo Exhibition” this year for the third time. 4,176 professional photographers from 124 countries took part in this year’s WPP competition. A record-breaking 63,093 pictures were submitted. The over-all winner was the French photographer Jean-Marc Bouju (Associated Press) with a colour photo which shows an Iraqi with his four year old son in a prisoner of war camp near An Najaf in Iraq. The WPP04 exhibition does not only present the best press photos in the world but can also be seen as a document of contemporary history for the year 2003.




Atta Kenare, Islamic Republic of Iran, Agence France-Presse. Father carries his two sons to be buried after earthquake, Bam, Iran, 27 December
Jerry Lampen, The Netherlands, Reuters News Pictures. Woman mourns her husband, Gaza, November
Carolyn Cole, USA, Los Angeles Times. Mass grave, Liberia
Philip Blenkinsop, Australia, Agence Vu for Time Asia. Hmong guerilla, Laos
Tim Clayton, Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald. Yannick Bru in the scrum at Rugby World Cup, Sydney
Adam Pretty, Australia, Getty Images. Sports portfolio
Jonas Lindkvist, Sweden, Dagens Nyheter. Antoni Khadroui, bodybuilder
Erik Refner, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende/Rapho. “Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender”
Jan Banning, The Netherlands, Laif Photos for M Magazine/NRC Handelsblad. Indian bureaucrats
Mary Ellen Mark, USA. Twins Days participants, Twinsburg, Ohio
Paul Nicklen, Canada, for National Geographic Magazine. Atlantic salmon