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Hubertus Hohenlohe


19.04.2005 - 14.05.2005


With “ira valencia“ in 2001, Hubertus Hohenlohe began a series of photographs about his everyday life: spontaneous pictures which show reflections or shadows of himself. The photographs are a cunning mirror of events our society is talking about. Although Hubertus Hohenlohe can be seen on every picture the images are not self-portraits. They depict, rather, details of modern lifestyle and include the photographer as an eye witness. Hubertus Hohenlohe’s photographs tell stories of dreams, temptations, insecurities, identities, nature and urban lifestyle. In the process, digital recording techniques often gives the impression of carefully adjusted compositions. However, Hohenlohe’s pictures are not retouched or digitally manipulated.

Erwin Wurm: "Hohenlohe does not confuse us with a new, radical artistic language. Bur he does confuse us. By a matter-of-factness that comes from the world of the celebrity first of all. And he immediately counters it by continually offering himself as a “commodity” from this world. Hubertus is not only an admirer of this world but rather its Narcissus and, at the same time, its victim." Erwin Wurm curates the exhibition.


ira valencia, 2001
lips and cars, 2003
supermarktkaiser, 2003
breakfast in red, 2003
flying feet, 2002