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Historische Stereofotografien und Arbeiten von Oliver Hangl im Kaiserpanorama

21.06.2005 - 31.07.2005


WestLicht is presenting the Kaiser Panorama, a room-filling, historical viewing apparatus for the presentation of large scale stereo images. Historical, partly hand-coloured 3-D photographs are being shown along with the work “Picture this!” by the Austrian artist Oliver Hangl. Hangl’s series of pictures pursues a filmic approach and develop into the transparent main character of the same name, combined with various sound tracks.
Fifty glass slides ( 8,5 x 17 cm format) can be transported in the Kaiser Panorama. Twenty-four people can be seated comfortably around the wooden rotunda construction (diameter: 3.75 meters; height 2.40 meters) and look at the photographs as they go by.

The picture carousel which is over 100 years old and is original—the only one in Vienna by the way—was owned by Bernhard Paul, the founder and director of Circus Roncalli. Worldwide there are only a few of these three dimensional precursors of the newsreel still in existence. They were used to disseminate pictures to the general population.



Die goldene Moschee, Delhi
Tempel im korinthischen Stil, Colombo
Oliver Hangl, Police
Oliver Hangl, Tree