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Surat Osathanugrah

Vanishing Bangkok

24.05.2005 - 12.06.2005


On Bangkok’s busy streets and canals familiar daily life vibrates. It is so familiar that Bangkok’s traditional way of life is taken for granted without notice being taken that it is rapidly disappearing – driven out by the world of globalised society.

In this stage of unstoppable change, Surat Osathanugrah documents “disappearing Bangkok” for coming generations in artistic black-and-white photographs.


"Rush Hour": Hanging on the river buses boats being stuck in Bangkok
"Homeless”: at 13th Hang Road
"Alms Boat": Monks also rely on the river for their daily alms trip
“Topless": Older Thai women often shed their tops in hot weather
No need to get stuck in a road jam when you can cruise to school on Bangkok Noi canal
"Peeking": Hua ta kae, the old market, Ladkrabang
Once a busy market where all kinds of agricultural products were carried