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young austrian positions

27.06.2006 - 30.07.2006


The show, curated by Eva Schlegel, allows insight into the current work of 24 artists who, with their strongly individualist positions, have successfully begun to establish themselves on the national and international art market. The works in the exhibition deal with the interfaces between photography, drawing, film/video and installation and show an exciting multiplicity of approach in their concern with the different mediums. Some of the artists undertake a structural analysis of the medium itself, others use it in order to explore spaces, places or landscapes, invite interaction and show staged works of themselves and others. Jointly they orbit the contemporary subjects of their generation.

Participants: Miriam Bajtala, Martina Gasser, Sofia Goscinski, Markus Gradner, Nikola Hansalik, Sabine Jelinek, Johanna Kirsch, Isabella Kresse, Markus Krottendorfer, Anja Manfredi, Rita Nowak, Edith Payer, Judith Pichlmüller, Erica Ratvay, Fiona Rukschcio, Nicole Schatt, Raoul Schmidt, Kamen Stoyanov, Jutta Strohmaier, Christina Tsilidis, Stephan Uggowitzer, Flora Watzal, Andrea Witzmann, Eva Würdinger

Courtesy Charim, Hohenlohe und layr:wuestenhagen contemporary.



Jagdszene © Edith Payer, 2005
heute kein evidenzproblem © Raoul Schmidt, 2005
ohne Titel © Stefan Uggowitzer, 2006
Dragi © Nicole Schatt, 2005
ich weiss, was du gestern getan hast 7 © Andrea Witzmann, 2002
Landschaft #2 © Jutta Strohmaier, 2005
Plateaus © Anja Manfredi, 2006
aus: Paranoia (death valley) © Miriam Bajtala, 2005
Wiener Frühstück © Christine Tsilidis, 2000
Bambini citta © Kamen Stoyanov, 2005
Kunstaktie © Fiona Rukschio, 2006
COURTS © Erica Ratvay, 2006
Rosablutig © Sabine Jelinek, 2002
ohne Titel © Eva Würdinger, 2006