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Magische Rosse. INGRID VON KRUSE

06.11.2007 - 25.11.2007


Eighteen years ago in the Vienna Hofburg Ingrid von Kruse heard the clatter of hooves and caught the scent of horses. “As quick as a flash they stood in front of me again, as if in a dream; huge, rearing Lipizzaners, blue-white in the neon light, like marble sculptures set against a pitch-black sky before a thunderstorm”.Attracted by the magic of this reserved species, Kruse made photographs of them between 1989 and 2003 – horses in the bull ring, trotting races, on stud farms, in circuses or at the Palio in Sienna. In them, the main actors are grey, white and black horses fitting to the black and white photographs. The homage to the noble steeds is completed with highly symbolic equestrian monuments and equine depictions from ancient times till the present.

The photographer, who is a resident of Hamburg, shows in her poetic works the transfigured beauty of the horse. Strength, energy, agility, humility and elegance assume their place in her photographs. The play of powerful muscles, wild manes blowing in the wind, vibrating nostrils intensify the magical effect of the horse photographs. Softly blurred studies of movement, graceful close-ups, archaic silhouettes as well as intimate studies of their social behaviour make the myth of the horse accessible to the viewer.

“The subject of the ‘Magical Steed’ does not mean a leap into the realm of myths and dreams for me but rather, against such a background, it means pictorially tracking down the poetics, magic and beauty of these ‘huge, nervous creatures’, as Hans Magnus Enzensberger once called them in a letter, in the here and now.
(Ingrid von Kruse)

WestLicht is presenting the exhibition “Magic Steeds” by the photographer Ingrid von Kruse parallel to the “Fest der Pferde Wien 2007” from the 06th till 25th November 2007.

Ingrid von Kruse (born 1935) studied photography at the Gesamthochschule Essen. Publications and exhibitions at home and abroad have taken place on the following subjects: ‘DAISEN-IN, A Zen Buddhist Temple Garden in Kyoto’, ‘VENEDIG STIMMEN, Between Stones and Sea’ and ‘Europa beim Wort genommen’.



© Ingrid von Kruse. Trabergestüt Lasbek, 1999
© Ingrid von Kruse. Fritz Koenig und Nuri Schalan, Ganslberg 1989
© Ingrid von Kruse. Real Escuela Andaluza De Arte Ecuestre, Jerez 1990
© Ingrid von Kruse. Zirkus Knie, 1990
© Ingrid von Kruse. Fritz Koenig und Nuri Schalan, Ganslberg 1989
© Ingrid von Kruse. Hannes vom Friesengestüt Lüneburger Heide, 1997
© Ingrid von Kruse. Nuri Schalan, Ganslberg 1989
© Ingrid von Kruse. Feria del Caballo, Jerez 1990
© Ingrid von Kruse. Friesengestüt Lüneburger Heide, 1997
© Ingrid von Kruse. Reitender Marc Aurel, Orginalstatue im Hof des Museo Capitolino, Rom 1995
© Ingrid von Kruse. Gondeln, Venedig 1982
© Ingrid von Kruse. Hortensienstrauß, 2001