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More Nudes

28.10.2008 - 07.01.2009


The exhibition Andreas H. Bitesnich. MORE NUDES will be showing Bitesnich’s work from the book of the same name. With around 70 photographs WestLicht is drawing the viewer’s attention to the depiction of the abstract beauty of the human body.

Andreas H. Bitesnich is regarded as one of the best nude photographers in the world. His works are characterised by careful lighting, exceptional figural composition and a remarkable positioning of the subjects. By transforming physical forms and profiles in kinetic compositions he opens up for the viewer a completely unusual and surprising way of seeing.

Andreas Bitesnich says of his work “Something inside tells me that there is almost nothing more beautiful than a continuous rediscovery of the human body”. Moving bodies and physical control are what fascinate Bitesnich in his work. Dancers, sportsmen and women and acrobats serves as perfect models so as to depict perfect proportion and posture. The draped human art works that are occasionally placed on pedestals are reminiscent of sculptures although such poses are rather more inspired by painting. Nevertheless, the graphically sculptural compositions always take priority over the erotic instant.
Andreas H. Bitesnich, born in 1964 in Vienna, begins to make photographs in 1988 as an autodidact. As early as 1993 he is represented in the group show “Photographien” in the Galerie Würthle in Vienna. His first book, Nudes, is published in 1998 and wins the Kodak Photography Book Award. Further books follow thereafter: Polanude, on form, Woman, Nudes, Travel and a special photography edition of Stern magazine. His works have been shown in well-known institutions such as the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe in Hamburg, Kunsthaus Wien and in galleries all over the world and they are regularly published in international magazines. Bitesnich lives and works in Vienna.

We have closed on 29th and 30th of November 08

© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Irina, Vienna 2005
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Giulia & Maria, Vienna 2006
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Ingrid, Vienna 2005
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Florence, Vienna 2003
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Giulia & Maria, Vienna 2006
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Mani & Isi, Vienna 2004
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Giulia & Maria, Vienna 2006
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Sara, Vienna 2003
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Jennipher, Vienna 2003
© Andreas H. Bitesnich, Sonja, Vienna 2006