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MAGNUM'S first

08.04.2008 - 18.05.2008


Magnum Photos and WestLicht present the premiere of the earliest Magnum group show from 1955.

After 50 years the Institut Français in Innsbruck returned an exhibition to the photographers of the Magnum Agency. It had been stored in a cellar and forgotten. Up till now the group show curated by Fritz Gruber in autumn 1956 for the photokina in Cologne has been regarded as the earliest Magnum group exhibition.

“Magnum Photo. Gesicht der Zeit” consists of 83 vintage prints by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Jean Marquis, Werner Bischof, Robert Capa and the Austrians Erich Lessing, Inge Morath and Ernst Haas. The central theme of the exhibition is photographic “Humanism”.

It is a great honour for WestLicht to be able to present this exhibition for the first time in 50 years in its original, restored condition.

The book MAGNUM’S first is to be published for the show in Hatje Cantz Verlag (Editors: Peter Coeln, Prof. Achim Heine and Andréa Holzherr, Introduction: Dr. Christoph Schaden)

We'd like to thank Erich Lessing, Magnum Photos and Andréa Holzherr for their support.

Magnum Photos
The photo agency Magnum Photos that enjoys a high reputation and world-wide fame, was founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Roger and David Seymour. On May 22 1947 Magnum Photos Inc. was included in the New York company register. The agency was founded with the aim of being an self-organised, independent cooperative of like-minded, humanist photographers. As eye and contemporary witnesses the members of Magnum have influenced our way of looking at the world. Even today Magnum Photos stands for committed documentary photography of the highest quality.

© Erich Lessing / Magnum Photos Viennese Children, Belvedere Gardens, Vienna, Austria, 1954
© Inge Morath / Magnum Photos Mayfair, Eveleigh Nash at Buckingham Palace Mall, London, Great Britain, 1953
© Inge Morath / Magnum Photos Mayfair, Lloyd’s Bank, London, Great Britain, 1953
© Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos Gandhi, The Day Before His Assassination, 1948
© Jean Marquis / Magnum Photos Hungary, The Danube River, Budapest, Hungary, 1954
© Marc Riboud / Magnum Photos Dalmatia, Cattle Market, Vrlika, 1951
© Werner Bischof / Magnum Photos Photographic Diary, Cambodia, 1952
© Robert Capa / Magnum Photos Basque Country, Village Festival in the Basque Country, France, 1951
© Ernst Haas / Magnum Photos Land of the Pharaohs, On the Set of Land of the Pharaohs, Egypt, 1954