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THE JAPANESE EYE. Junichiro Hiramatsu

11.08.2009 - 23.08.2009


From the 11th till 23rd August 2009 WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie will be showing an exhibition of works by the Japanese amateur photographer Junichiro Hiramatsu. The exhibition,curated by Thomas Freiler, will be presenting around 400 photographs made by Junichiro Hiramatsu on his numerous European trips.

Junichiro Hiramatsu, a passionate European traveller, is a collector and engaged observer. His pictures offer us the opportunity of seeing ourselves through the eyes of a “foreigner” although because of his interest in Europe he has become a confidant, one who is perhaps looking for the Europe of the classic photographers, the one which has been carried to far-off places in their pictures.

Junichiro Hiramatsu
was born in Kiyosu shi, Aichi prefecture in 1949 and raised up in Nagoya. He graduated in economics from Nanzan University in 1972.
Interested in the fine arts from a very early age, he was fascinated with designs of automobile, in particular the style of Italian famous car “Ferrari”. His enthusiasm for Ferrari has led him to become a world-famous authority whose collection is composed of 10 real Ferrari, almost 30,000 Ferrari scale models (miniatures) approximately 20,000 documents and data concerning Ferrari. Recently, an event worthy of special mention took place. He let Ferrari SP1 join in his collection, the unique SP1 in the world specially designed and made by “Ferrari” to order from him. With the travel through Europe in 1973 as a start, he visited Europe more than 90 times and that forms the basis of his photography. He has hold his exhibition twice at “Galleria d Arte” Nagoya and his photo series “on the streets of Europe” is now appearing in “Monthly Nagoya”.

Thomas Freiler
was born in 1962; diploma awarded by the University of Applied Arts in Vienna; he has been working in the area of artistic photography since 1985; exhibitions, prizes and scholarships; since 1998 he has been teaching in colleges of art and universities; he has been head of the laboratory for photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 2006.

Optically Thomas Freiler’s work deals with medium-related and theoretical aspects of photography – tests and experiments, photographs about photography, perception, reality and its construction. The subject of the photographs is photography itself.

© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Turin, Italien
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: O Cebreiro, Spanien
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Canal du Midi, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Paris, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Paris, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Mola di Bari, Italien
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Marokko
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Paris, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Provins, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Provins, Frankreich
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Girona, Spanien
© Junichiro Hiramatsu: Paris, Frankreich