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09.02.2010 - 05.04.2010


WestLicht Schauplatz für Fotografie is proud to present the first extensive exhibition of photographs by Herbert List, in Austria. Herbert List has left behind an extraordinary creative oeuvre.

Photography was in the artists’ own words a “Vision- made visible”. Art historian Günter Metken coined the term “fotografia metafisica”, in connection to the “visionary” pictures of List, it can be traced back to Giorgio de Chirico, and hence the term defined a new category in photographical history. At the same time List’s personal photographic development illustrates the move from the German “new objectivity” to photo journalism. His early works strike the viewer as sensual, yet ascetic expressions of a love of forms, whereas his later works show a close portrayal of the human in all it’s exuberance and vitality.
The exhibition includes 223 original prints and segregates the photographer’s career into five chapters. It starts off with “fotografia metafisica”, then goes on to his greek shots and his portrays of the damages of war in Munich, leads on to his photographs of male nudes and concludes with his portraits of artists and photographic essays.

An exhibition in cooperation with the Photography Collection, Municipal Museum of Munich


Herbert List, Herr und Hund, Portofino 1936
Herbert List, Goldfischglas, Santorin 1937
Herbert List, Strandläufer, Ostsee 1933
Herbert List, Sonnenbrillen, Vierwaldstättersee 1936
Herbert List, Mythologie auf dem Lykabettos
Herbert List, Gipsfiguren im Schnee, Akademie der Künste München 1945
Herbert List, Ringende Jungen, Ostsee 1933
Herbert List, Pablo Picasso vor dem Bild "Chouette dans un Interieur", Paris 1948